Dam Phu My packaging factory and production chain

With extremely strict requirements in product quality, Dam Phu My packaging is always looking for and upgrading production techniques to get the best products to customers, that's why Dam Phu My packaging has chosen  yard production machines and weaving machines of the world famous brand Starlinger of Germany.

By more than six decades in the industry of manufacturing and supplying machinery and equipment for the world's plastic packaging industry, Starlinger has been a guarantor of a quality and efficient chain in the yarn and textile industries. PP packaging.

Also in nearly two decades of establishment and development, up to now, Phu My Fertilizer packaging has completed the production chain with hundreds of cutting and sewing equipment and a team of more than 500 skilled workers, it has produced 80 million PP bags of all kinds and 800,000 Jumbo bags a year. This is also the basis for Dam Phu My packaging to always confidently satisfy all requirements for quality and products of current and future customers.

Starlinger's Yard Generator

Starlinger weaving machines

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