Sling bags - The perfect solution to replace pallets

What is Sling bag?
Sling bag is a new product made from woven PP fabric used to pack and transport small bags with a load of 25-50kg such as bags of rice, cement, fertilizer, animal feed mill...

Normally, instead of packing goods on wooden or plastic pallets that are expensive, heavy and take a lot of floor space, Sling bags are known as an optimal alternative solution to completely overcome the defect above.

Sling bags are made of a thick, sturdy fabric with a weight of 140 - 175 g/m2 reinforced by 4 super-durable lifting belts helping sling bag hold the goods steady as well as withstand high load up to 2 tons of goods. Depending on the number or size of the small bags, the size of the Sling bag will be adjusted and calculated to fit.

In addition, Sling bags also can be customized according to the needs of customers such as sewing the bottom cover or sewing 4 additional pieces of fabric around similar to Jumbo bags so that the goods do not fall off during transportation.

With thin and light design and high durability, low price and can be reused many times, Sling bags are the first choice of many countries around the world, especially in the field of transportation, export and import, helping businesses save costs and the process of unloading goods will become much faster and more convenient.

Currently, we're providing agricultural bag, Jumbo bag, garden bags, woven fabric rolls and Sling bags also. If you have any demand, we will support you anywhere, ship to anyplace, anytime you need.
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